• Paragliding Tour in Sopot Bulgaria
  • Paragliding Tour for 1 week

Paragliding Tour in Sopot Bulgaria

We are targeting group of 6-12 paragliding pilots for our paragliding tours. Pilot expirience: cross country expirience in dynamic conditions Days: 7 days Price: 390 EUR What it includes: 1) Accomodation in Sopot in our guest house and headquarters – our house 2) Transportation to the prpoper takeoff depending on the weather conditions; Tickets for the sky lift (local Sopot start only) are not included; (5 EUR).  – read more about our…


Central Balkan hiking or landing tour

  The National Park “Central Balkan” is situated in the heart of Bulgaria, in the central and highest parts of the Balkan Mountain. It keeps a unique collection of forest massifs, plant and animal species, historical monuments of global significance for science and culture. Incredible landscapes, rock phenomena, beautiful waterfalls can be seen here. The highest peak in the Park is Botev peak (2376). The lowest point is situated near…


Paragliding Tour for 1 week

The newly created paragliding tour takes 7 days. It is well ogranised by devoted paragliding pilots that will fly togheter with you. Each day will finish with a resume of the day – mistakes and more over a nice glass of wine in the HQ. Here is the latest from the recent days of flying: