Paragliding Tour in Sopot Bulgaria


We are targeting group of 6-12 paragliding pilots for our paragliding tours.

Pilot expirience: cross country expirience in dynamic conditions

Days: 7 days

Price: 390 EUR

What it includes:

1) Accomodation in Sopot in our guest house and headquarters – our house

2) Transportation to the prpoper takeoff depending on the weather conditions; Tickets for the sky lift (local Sopot start only) are not included; (5 EUR).  – read more about our takeoff options.

3) Retrieval from your landing spot;

4) Briefing at the take-off and guide during the flights from local pilots;

5) Analyzing and discussing the flights at the evenings in our headquarters enjoying glass of regional wine;

6) If we have non flyable days depending on the weather conditions you can choose from one of our fun activities options. Tickets for swimming pools,  museums and accomodation in the mountain hutts are not included.

7) We can organise tranfer from any airport to our headquarters in Sopot. Please ask us for more info

8) Farewell party evening

For more information and reservations


phone/viber/watrup: +359 888 269164