Rose Valley Wine tours

изтеглен файл (9) It is not possible to talk about the Bulgarian cuisine without mentioning the Bulgarian wines. Bulgaria is a blessed piece of land gifted with 4 seasons, sunny hills and rich soils. Even the ancient Thracians millennia ago grew grape vines and produced wines worthy of sharing only with their gods. Dionysos – the god of wine and festivity very often was depicted on different Thracian ritual vessels for drinking made of precious metals – silver and gold. What better evidence of the high quality of the Thracian wine than the fact that almost 3 000 years ago Homer in his epic poem ‘Iliad” glorifies ‘the black wine of the Thracians’ which the Greeks drank during the siege of Troy. That wine was so thick and sweet that the Greeks had to dilute it with water in it. According to enologists many of the Bulgarian varieties, including ‘Gamza’, ‘Mavrud’ and ‘Broad leaf Melnik vine’, have their ancient Thracian roots. Between the south mountainsides of Stara Planina and Sredna Gora Mountain is the famous Rose Valley where the mostly widespread vine varieties are ‘Red Misket’, ‘Riesling’, ‘Rkatsiteli’, ‘Cabernet Sauvignon’ and ‘Merlot’. The wines produced here are mainly dry and semi-dry white wines and red wines. They have a fresh and balanced taste. The wines made of the local variety ‘Red Misket’ are one of the best red wines in the country that are distinguished for their rich aroma, elegant body and fine after-taste.
We can take you to the local Chateaus where you can taste and experience the characteristics, flavour and richness of local wines.