Why Bulgaria & Sopot

453194353_640Bulgaria is at the temper climate zone with diversified terrene – high mountains ranges, valleys and hilly areas. The variety of the terrene and the climate conditions gives you an opportunity to fly in different weather conditions. The best period for flying is from March to October with best XC conditions in April, beginning of May, June, July, August and September. The period from second half of May to mid of June tends to be a period with high humidity, unstable conditions with thunderstorms and is good for flying but not appropriate for XC flights. The country is covered with roads and infrastructure. That allows you to have a safe and fast retrieval. You can enjoy the scenery of the beautiful mountains and colourful valleys while flying. Bulgarian people are hospital, local food is delicious, mineral springs are plenty, and local wine full of taste. The combination of all above can contribute to your memorable paragliding holidays with us.
The Rose country – in the Rose Valley and in the Valley of the Thracian Kings there are thousands of hectares of the oil-producing rose of the sort ‘Rose Damascena’. Bulgaria produces the best quality rose oil in the world. This marvellous ingredient is more expensive than gold and is used in most famous perfumes. Every year in the first weekend of June when the ‘Festival of the Rose’ takes place in the town of Kazanlak, Sopot and Karlovo you could take part in the process of rose-picking and distillation.
You can enjoy mineral water resorts in the rose Valley – Banya, Hissar and Pavel Banya with hot springs, mineral water pools and thermal water baths. Tracking in the Stara Planina Mountains is pleasure where you can enjoy breath taking views, stay in the mountain huts and taste the berry fruits of the season.

sopotThe town of Sopot is the best paragliding destination in Bulgaria. The 13th Paragliding World Championship took place here in 2013. It is situated in the south sunny facing slopes of Stara Planina Mountains. The highest peak Botev is 2373 m and is close to the take-off area. The mountain range is oriented E-W, more than 300 km long and you can have long XC flights along the mountains or fly over the mountains range of Sredna Gora to the South. The sky lift takes you right to the take off. Strong flying conditions in the mountains from March till the end of September. Best months for XC flights are April and from June to the end of September. May is characterized with more thunderstorms and high humidity. March could be very good for thermal flights as well. October could reward you with so called “gipsy summer” with gentle thermals and nice colours of the mountains and the valley.